New hope for patients with hard-to-treat triple negative breast cancer

Medisense Team
Editorial Team
Mar 22

A team of researchers has identified a method for treating particularly aggressive forms of breast cancer that could potentially save thousands of lives each year.

According to results from a SWOG clinical trial, those with tough-to-treat triple negative breast cancer, whose tumors also don’t allow for double-strand DNA repair, fare better when treated with a common adjuvant breast cancer chemotherapy combination.

The trial results showed that a well-established drug combination - adjuvant doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide (AC) chemotherapy - works well in this patient ...

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Lap-band surgery may lower chronic knee pain

Medisense Team
Editorial Team
Mar 21

Obese people who have a band surgically strapped around their stomach to restrict food intake not only lose weight but will also suffer less from arthritic knee pain, a new study suggests.

According to researchers, the pain proceeds from the deterioration and related inflammation in knee joints caused in part by the extra weight they bear.

While the pain relief seen with lap-band surgery applied to all patients with osteoarthritic knees, researchers found that it was most helpful in the young men and women who lost the most weight.

"Our study shows that extremely obe...

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One billion people may suffer from Glaucoma by 2030: AIIMS

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Mar 20

As the World Glaucoma Week ends on March 17, with over 11.2 million persons aged 40 years and older suffering from Glaucoma in India, researchers say that despite it being the second largest cause of blindness, it is more problematic than cataract, because the blindness caused by Glaucoma is irreversible. Over 70 per cent of the Indian population is at the risk of developing Glaucoma, of which 2 lakh are likely to lose vision on an average.

Doctors from the All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) have already proposed in their research papers that type four diabetes can occ...

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Karnataka Introduces 48-Hour Free Treatment For Accident Victims

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Mar 19

Earlier this year, a young man, Harish Nanjappa, died in a road accident on a highway outside Bengaluru. As he lay dying, without any treatment, he spoke of his wish to donate his organs.Today, the Karnataka state government named a new scheme to ensure treatment to accident victims after him.

Under the scheme, accident victims will receive care for the first 48 hours regardless of their ability to pay. For the treatment of each accident victim, Rs. 25,000 will be assured -- the government has earmarked Rs. 80 crore for the scheme.

The scheme is applicable to anyone, Indian or...

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Experimental obesity drug may prevent kidney stones

Medisense Team
Editorial Team
Mar 19

Tokyo: Japanese scientists have found that an experimental obesity drug can potentially prevent the formation of kidney stones in mice, a finding that paves the way to develop medications to prevent the condition in at-risk individuals.

The findings showed that mice who were administered 1mg/kg of the beta3- agonist CL316243 for 12 days, showed a 17 percent decrease in the number of kidney stones than those who were not given the drug.

"This is an experimental work for now. But I believe that this may open the way to the development of the new drugs which can stop the develo...

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