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Why medical second opinion?
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These days cost of medical treatment and surgeries have become expensive. Medicine and HOspital have become profitable business. On the contrary, Medical Insurance doesn’t cover all kinds of surgeries.  All medical insurances doesn't cover chemo therapy, they don't cover wigs for cancer patient who loose hair after chemo for example. Dental Implants, cosmetic surgeries are not covered by insurance.

Middle class and poor people around the world, will not be able to bear the burden of paying the medical bills. To help the loved ones, people get into financial problems. The whole family goes through stress and worries thinking of arranging money for the treatment.

A right diagnosis can keep a patient from paying huge bills for the unnecessary treatments and surgeries. It is recommended to take second and third opinion from different experts. And professional doctors should not get offended if patients seek opinion from another expert.

Medisense Healthcare solutions get medical reports from patients to help them with second opinion. Our panel of doctors and network of hospitals will get best opinion and treatment for nominal price. This will also give patients opportunity to find a physician who is more comfortable, clear in explaining and may find error and suggest alternate treatment.

At Medisense Healthcare, a panel of doctors and experts help in providing a second opinion for the diagnosis done by your regular medical consultants at an affordable price. The doctors here suggest an alternative treatment and many a times surgeries can be avoided. For more information on second opinion, call or WhatsApp +91 7026646022 or visit and fillout second opinion form.

We can’t help everyone – but everyone can help someone !

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