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Why do patients go for a second medical opinion?
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According to a recent survey conducted by our team, we found that a lot of patients opted for a second medical opinion for many different reasons. Here are some of them we shortlisted in no particular order:

1.      Not much face time with the doctors

   It is known that there is only 1 doctor for every 1600 people in India and if you considered super specialists to patients ratio this figure is even more skewed. Which means the number of patients an average Indian doctor sees in a day is more than he/she could handle, hence the face time the patient gets with a doctor is very less, which leaves the patients not completely satisfied with the consult. The patient has many questions unanswered which is the reason why some of the patients opt for a second opinion.

Some of our patients even came back to us saying they thought the doctor was not accommodating enough because the doctor did not even look at the patient’s face or smile even once. A doctor who talks to a patient finds more popularity among the patient community.

2. Super specialisations

The advances in medical sciences have led to doctors not just specialising in an area of their interest but to super specialising on micro areas. Patients too are more aware of the benefits of visiting a super specialist and so in some cases we find that patient or relatives want to get an opinion from a super specialist who they do not have direct access to. An online platform makes it easier for them to get an opinion in such cases.

3. Hospital Business

Myth or no myth, the news is making rounds that many hospitals pay the doctors on the number of patients they operate on. This scare is seeing a tremendous increase in the number of patients seeking a second opinion in cases where they have been prescribed an elective surgery. In some cases we do find that surgeries have been avoided altogether or have been moved to a time when the patient is better equipped to handle the surgery.

4. Far away kins

Children of patients who have settled far away from ailing parents  or patient relatives find that they are not completely kept in the loop when it comes to diagnosis of the concerned. They do feel that the patient may not have completely mentioned the symptoms to the doctor or in some cases feel that they might not have visited the right doctor for their case. Such far away kins find it beneficial to get a second opinion at their convenience.

5. Moral support

Some patients seek a second medical opinion just to convince themselves that they are doing the right thing by opting for the surgery. It improves the moral of the patient and helps in faster healing of the mind during and after the surgery.

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