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Two in one? New pill may curb type 2 diabetes and aid weight loss
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The study was conducted by a team from Leicester Diabetes Centre. Patients who were taking Metformin were given the pill.

Diabetes is considered to be a silent killer by medical professionals across the world. Even a single symptom reflecting the onset of the disease is a cause for concern.

It is a disease that could be hereditary and can also develop due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Semaglutide is reportedly the first pill to help incite weight loss, according to a report by the Daily Mail. 71% of the 632 patients in the study were able to loose weight test results revealed.

The study was conducted by a team from Leicester Diabetes Centre. Patients who were taking Metformin were given the pill.

There are many medically prescribed ways and means to ensure prevention from developing the potentially lethal disease and those who are at immediate risk, are often advised diet control.

Researchers are hoping the new pill can control the common condition as some of the treatment currently available provokes weight gain and worsens type 2 diabetes. The pills also stopped patients from needing insulin.

The pill could offer a relief for those who struggle with injecting themselves. "For some patients injectable therapies are a problem, so having something available orally makes it more accessible to some patients," lead author Professor Melanie Davies told the Daily Mail.

Type 2 diabetes is deadly as it can cause heart failure, blindness and leg amputations. "Type 2 diabetes is a serious condition with potentially devastating complications which is posing a major challenge to health services across the world because of the increasing numbers of people developing it," Professor Davies told the Daily Mail.

Many experts are enthusiastic about the findings. "These latest results are hugely encouraging and will be welcomed across the diabetes community," Oliver Jelley, editor of The Diabetes Times told the Daily Mail.

The findings were published in the JAMA.


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