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Treatment in India for International patients
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About medical second opinion, a reputed doctor from Australia told patients "A second opinion could save your life", he argued, there could be "100 reasons" for a doctor making a wrong diagnosis, and seeking a second opinion is critical to optimising treatment, a world-leading expert on patient safety says. Most patients accept the first diagnosis they receive, but a range of studies suggest that diagnostic errors occur regularly. And cost of medical opinion in USA, UK, Germany, Australia, UAE, Aisa-pacific is very high and most of the insurance doesn't cover the opinion cost. At Medisense Healthcare, we provide second opinion for Inetrnational patients for just US$100. If patient travels for treatment to a hospital in India for treatment/ surgery, we will arrange for medical visa, travel and accommodation to patient and a companion.

Access to a second opinion can provide better accuracy, faster recovery and reduce waste in the health system, medical experts attending the first Australasian Diagnostic Error in Medicine Conference Melbourne have been told. Professor Emeritus of Medicine Dr Mark Graber, President of the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine, says fresh eyes catch mistakes and a second opinion could save a patient's life.
"It's a safety net to get a second opinion," he said. Diagnosis can be a challenge when you consider there are 10,000 diseases but only 200 to 300 symptoms. If you are given a diagnosis with serious treatment implications or you're not responding the way you should to medication, a second opinion could save your life.

"Being open to a second opinion is a relatively easy and cost-effective path to a more accurate diagnosis." "Many patients also feel awkward seeking a second opinion, they're worried that it conveys doubt in the person they're seeing to begin with," he said.

Director of Internal Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, Associate Professor Ian Scott has argued that most clinical errors are not due to incompetence or inadequate knowledge but to the "frailty of human thinking" when dealing with complex conditions under time pressures. He acknowledges the importance of a second opinion and says specialists themselves commonly seek advice from their peers.


Why India prefered for medical treatment ?

Communication: Everybody in India speak English. So patients from USA, Canada, UK, Australia and most of the contries where they speak English can easily communicate with doctors, nurses, care takers, cab drivers, hospital staff.

Does India has good doctors?

Yes, there are good doctors in India. To understand why Indian Doctors are the best in the world, you should know their background. The ambition of almost every school kid in India is to become a Doctor. Hundreds of thousands of students apply for admission to Medical Colleges.

The Medical and Dental Colleges where these doctors learn have a huge numbers of patients, because these are mostly government run hospitals and it is free for the local population. Thus there is a tremendous number of patients in these hospitals, and the student Indian doctors gets a lot of hands on practical experience. The old saying "Practise makes Perfect" is so true in the case of Indian Doctors. To become a top doctor in India, they would have had a lot of practice by performing hundreds of successful surgeries in a Government or other smaller hospitals, where they worked before, and made a name for themselves.

Are there best hospitals in India?

Yes, There are super specialty hospitals in India. A super specialty hospital focuses on the treatment of specific illnesses. The quality and safety regulations follow the accreditation standards of National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH). The approval by International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua) gives credibility to the NABH standards to be compatible with global benchmarks. Accreditation by ISQua had been granted to hospitals of 11 countries so far. The 12th country to join this group is India.
They would have following infrastructure:

1. Medical Equipments:
The procurement of authentic and reliable medical equipments for operation theatres, laboratories, and inpatient department from certified manufacturers.

2. Rooms:
The diagnostic rooms, consulting rooms, waiting areas, in patient rooms have to be well equipped with required furniture and accessories

3. Pharmacy:
A centrally located and well equipped pharmacy and 24-hour supply of authentic and adequate medicines will be ensured

4. Consultants:
A well qualified panel of doctors brings name and patient inflow to the hospital. They will be legally licensed professionals to give opinions and perform surgeries.

5. Resident medical officers:
A super specialty hospital requires round-the-clock doctors to attend to in-patients and emergencies. Well qualified medical officers with a license to practice and adequate experience in managing patients on behalf of the consultants are a must.

6. Nursing staff:
A well trained nursing staff makes the patient comfortable and attends to all needs, especially those who are admitted to the hospital.

7. Technicians:
It is very important to have technicians in the lab, operation theatres, diagnostic rooms who are licensed, professional and skilful.

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