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They never wanted name or fame. They believe in Giving to the society without expecting anything back. Here is a BIG THANK YOU to these doctors for having gone beyond the job.
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Medisense Team


Note before Reading : You never know when you or your loved one is in need of this. Hence if you like what these doctors are doing, like, share and encourage more. 

We live in an Era, where people look for what is in it for them before moving a leaf for the others.

Have you heard When one is at distress, a unknown helping hand from nowhere comes forward, does the job and then phew...We don't see them again neither we meet, even if we want to. Probably we named such forces as God in its numerous manifestations. 

We at Medisense would like to name few of the panelists who made a difference in patient's lives without an aota of expectation. They did it for free. They never asked where the patient is, will they visit us ? They never wanted to hog the limelight neither did they ask what is in it for me. 

As you can imagine, there were Patients who thanked them immensely from bottom of their heart, there were few who asked for more and more, there were few who forgot to say even a thank you. But these doctors, I tell u, never glorified a hallow never felt insulted for "No thank you's " because they felt they are sharing what they have learnt in Life. Medicine is not livelihood for these samaritans, it is religion. They dont get a single penny out of this activity, never did they ask for it. They just come,do their job and vanish without expectations. Do they have more time at hand than other doctors ? No, all of them are highly qualified accomplished doctors, with a super busy practice. However they broke regional boundary to help someone away from him/her who is desperate, gullible and running around from pillar to post trying to find an answer. 

There were seniors, There were juniors, some came because we requested them to, some came on their own, however what keeps them apart from regular is the "Intent". Intent to help without expectations. Least we could do is to tell the world about their existence. 

We are deeply humbled for your humane efforts in going "Beyond Job" Sir's, Madam's. 

(In alphabetic order)

1. Dr. Arjun Srivatsa, Spine/Neuro Surgeon, Bangalore
2. Dr. Amit Jain, Spine/Neuro Surgeon, Mumbai
3. Dr. Ashish Shrivastav, Brain / Neuro Surgeon, Delhi
4. Dr. Bobby Varkey Maramattom, Neurology, Ernakulam
5. Dr. Christopher Dsouza, ENT / Head & Neck Surgery, Mumbai
6. Dr. Eugene Rent, Oncology, Mangalore
7. Dr. Manjunath Dinker, Internal Medicine, Hyderabad
8. Dr. Mukul Roy, Radiation Oncology, Mumbai
9. Dr. Narayan Hulse, Knee specialist, Bangalore
10. Dr. Padmaraj Hegde, Urology, Manipal
11. Dr. Prakash Nayak, Opthalmology, Mumbai
12. Dr. Pramod Kalidas Tike, Medical Oncology, Hyderabad
13. Dr.Pratap Kumar, Fertility, Manipal
14. Dr. Prateek Nayak, ENT, Bangalore
15. Dr.Rajeshwari, Cardiology, Chennai
16. Dr. Ranjan Shetty, Cardiology, Bangalore
17. Dr. Sachin Rajkumar, Opthalmology, Udupi
18. Dr. Sandeep Nayak, Surgical Oncology, Bangalore
19. Dr. Satyanarayan Bhat, Muniyal Ayurveda, Manipal
20. Dr. Sudha Padmashree, Gynaecology, Visakhapatnam
21. Dr. Vani Ramkumar, Gynaecology, Manipal
22. Dr. Yogeesh Kamat, Knee specialist, Mangalore