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The Not-So-Sweet Truth About Artificial Sweeteners
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Here’s what we know about artificial sweetners. They are not good for you. The average American consumes 24 pounds of artificial sugar each year. Researchers have linked sweeteners — which have long been popular low-calorie substitutes for sugar — to diabetes and heart disease. Some studies have even associated them with weight gain. Sweetners can harm your bladder and cause diarrhea. Still, misconceptions about artificial sweeteners still exist. People still believe they’ve found the “healthy” sweetener. The truth is, these sweeteners are unhealthy across the board. A closer look at what each consists of will help to highlight how your preferred sweetener might affect you.

Fortunately, there is a solution. To satisfy your taste for sweet drinks and foods, you don't have to choose between sugar and artificial sugar. Try healthier natural alternatives for sugar, such as honey and coconut sugar, among others. And consider these steps to equip yourself with the information you’ll need to maintain healthier habits:

  1. If you’re looking to lose weight, see how can you reduce intake of sugar and eat Yogurt to replace sweet.
  2. Become familiar with names of artificial sugar, so you can spot them in the ingradient box of your favorite products.

Step 1: Slowly Scale Down

Gradually reduce the amount of artificial sweeteners you consume:

  • Some artificial sweeteners can cause withdrawal symptoms if you cut back too quickly. Follow this schedule to graReduce by one packet for one day.
  • Reduce by two packets for two days.
  • Reduce by three packets for three days.
  • Continue this pattern until you are down to using no artificial sweeteners.

Step 2: Go for the Real Thing

Over time, learn to eat and drink natural sugars. Each of these tricks all have 50 calories or less, so you don't need to worry about weight gain going off artificial sweeteners. About five minutes of jumping jacks is enough to burn off these calories. 

  • Instead of diet soda, pour any flavored fruit juice into a shot glass, and then dump in a glass of seltzer. Each shot only has between 20 and 25 calories. 
  • Instead of artificially flavored water, try fruit-infused water instead. Use watermelon, as it's naturally sweet and will feel like you are indulging. 
  • Instead of sugar-free pudding, get the kind with real sugar. Put half the pudding in a piece of Tupperware to save for later and fill the other half of the cup with fresh fruit.

Step 3: Add Sweet Spices and Stevia

Spices like ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and nutmeg enhance natural sweetness. Sprinkle sweet spices into your coffee or tea and even on a baked apple as a dessert. Stevia as a natural sweetener is also a great replacement; it comes in granulated form that looks like sugar or in drops that you can add to coffee, water or dessert in all different flavors.

Yogurt that will satisfy your taste buds and dietary needs.

Full of protein, calcium and healthy bacteria that's good for your digestion and immune system, Greek yogurt has recently enjoyed a burst of popularity. It's a great snack, especially if you're looking to slim down. Not only does this yogurt make you feel full, some studies have shown that diets that include several servings of Greek yogurt a day may aid weight loss and trim waistlines.


You’ve probably heard that soft drinks are bad for your health. Those who indulge in these fizzy beverages are more likely to end up obese with diabetes, heart disease, or both. And while many people have turned to other drinks to satisfy their thirst, some of these alternatives may not be so healthy. A study published took a look at the juices people are drinking in the UK to get a sense of how much sugar might be in the drink that many consumers consider healthy. Their findings show that drinking juices and other similar drinks may be just as bad for you as the soda they’re replacing.

Preaparing juice without adding sugar at home will be healthier than you get in bottled juices in  market or at the juice parlour where they mix more water and sugar.


DrOz, is a Turkish-American television personality, cardiothoracic surgeon, Columbia University professor, pseudoscience promoter, and author. This is article is selected from one of  his blogs

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