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Smart city's storm water drains breeding diseases
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When 68-year-old Padubidri Ganesh Prabhu shifted to Gundu Rao Lane, Mannagudda, five months ago, he had never imagined that he would regret this decision soon. He had to spend 12 days in a hospital as he suffered from dengue. He is still recuperating from the effects of the vector-borne disease, which has left him weak.

The cause for his problem and majority of others in the locality is the open storm water drain near his house. The sewage from the nearby apartments flows here and not only in Mannagudda, the whole storm water drain network in the city flows with filth and sewage , which is providing a healthy breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Prabhu said, "Locals say that the city corporation engineer had asked the apartments to direct the sewage into the drain as the existing Under Ground Drainage (UGD) system was unable to cope up with the increased load of new apartments. Prabhu , who was working in Bantwal, shifted to his ancestral house at Mannagudda after re-building it.

Source : Times of India

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