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Sleeping More On Weekends May Lead to Obesity, Diabetes and Hypertension
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Irregular sleep time has long been linked to a host of health ailments. Sleep plays a pivotal role in regulating some of the most vital processes in our body. Experts suggest that not sleeping for at least 7-8 hours every day may have severe health repercussions. Also, sleeping late at night - even though you may end up meeting the 8-hour sleep mark - is also linked with health issues.

Some of the previously conducted studies note that loss of sleep incurred during the week cannot be compensated by sleeping for longer time over the weekend. A latest study conducted by American experts explains that sleeping for long hours over the weekend may actually be adverse for the health and trigger heart issues and weight gain.Experts called this phenomenon 'social jet lag' described as a situation when one goes to bed and wakes up much later on weekends than during the week. This 'social jet lag' is associated with an 11 per cent increase in the likelihood of heart disease. The study was published in the journal Sleep and assessed sleep pattern and associated effects on health in close to 984 adults ageing 22 to 60 years.

"Results indicated that sleep regularity, beyond sleep duration alone, plays a significant role in our health. Regular sleep schedule may be an effective, relatively simple, and inexpensive preventative treatment for heart disease as well as many other health problems," lead author Sierra B. Forbush, from the University of Arizona in the US.

Sleep deprivation may affect the brain activity, trigger memory problems, induce moodiness, anxiety and depression; it may also lead to lack of concentration, lethargy. Prolonged sleep deprivation is also tied to risk of heart disease, diabetes, weakened immune system, hypertension among others.




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