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Recently a bill was introduced to ban commercial surrogacy. Here is a tragic true event..
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Recently a bill was introduced to ban commercial surrogacy. Here is a tragic true event that happened during delivery of the first baby of this sweet couple from Berhampur, which gives us a perspective of the impact of this new bill. We received their case seeking a second opinion.

Day 1 : Lady on her first pregnancy due date gets admitted to this hospital in Berhampur. Since there is no sign, doctors induce labor.

Day 2 : Baby's heart beat was getting low hence emergency C-section was performed and baby delivered. After birth baby was not crying and there was no movement. Baby's neck was compressed by birth chord hence oxygen to blood supply was stopped and baby was kept in ventilator because of Hypoxia.
After the surgery mother continued to bleed for 6 hours. Doctors decided to remove the uterus citing infection.

Day 3: Mother’s creatinine level went down hence shifted to a higher centre and stabilised.

Day 4 : Baby went into Comma and expired.

This is not a one off story. With a miscarriage/complicated pregnancy rate of staggering 20% in India, there are thousands of couples face tragic events like these every single day. Until now, the only option left for the couple of this sort was surrogacy, if they want to have a baby, biologically. Now with this new bill of ban on commercial surrogacy, genuine cases like these would be left with no option, if there are no volunteering surrogates within a blood relation. We appreciate the development agenda of the government and also the initiatives taken to curb corruption and misdeeds in commercial surrogacy. Although the intent is good, are we ready for this bill ? A question to ponder.