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One rupee clinic at doorstep for senior citizens
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After taking an initiative to start ‘one rupee clinic’ at various railway stations in the Central and Harbour line, the initiative will soon be reaching out to patients at their doorstep.

With an aim to make cost effective medical facilities, ‘One Rupee Clinic’ has now decided to get the medical tests available at door steps for senior citizens across the city.

The initiative was started in the month of May this year at five railway stations and soon one clinic will be opened at Byculla station.

Speaking about the initiative, Dr Rahul Ghula, founder of One Rupee Clinic, said, “We are starting free home medical facilities for MRI, CT scan, USG booking for senior citizens.

While the service will be across the city, it will be open 24 X 7 for the senior citizens. This will reduce their cost of medical facilities while undergoing at different hospitals.

Through this initiative we are playing midway role between government and private hospitals to avail the affordable health.”

The clinic was first opened at Ghatkopar railway station on May 10.

The initiative has benefited daily commuters during emergency situations on several occasions. Two childbirths were also conducted at Dadar and Ghatkopar stations.

Within five months of being set up, the one rupee clinics at Central and Harbour line railway stations have witnessed a footfall of over 25,000 visitors, and over 200 accidental cases have been attended to so far.

The one rupee clinic initiative aims to provide speedy medical treatment to the general public and during cases of emergency at crowded railway stations.


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