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When you or your family suddenly becomes ill there's often a life-changing decision to be made. Do you join the ever-longer hospital waiting lists gambling that you'll get to see the right top specialist? Or will you choose to go private, to avoid the delays and frustratingly re-scheduled appointments - and that way see the specialist of your choice when it's convenient for you?

The British National Health Service is one of the best in the world, free to those who live in the UK but it is drastically over-stretched. It no longer has the ability to heal all the patients who present themselves for treatment. There are always more people requiring operations than there are beds, operating theatres, specialist doctors and nurses. Sometimes you have to wait months, even years, for surgery.

One way around the problem is to take out private medical insurance. That way you get to see the top medical specialist doctors and surgeons without delay in a private hospital of your choice.  In the UK 7.5 million people are covered by private medical insurance, over 12% of the population.

But private medical insurance is expensive and you have to pay whether you are ill or not. And often there are exclusions – treatments for which the insurer won't pay.

Now there’s a third choice. specializes in providing the expertise of specialist doctors who may have studied in the U.K. or the United States before returning to practice in their home countries. So often we recommend our patients to travel abroad for their operations to take advantage of the state-of-the-art equipment available to our international medical teams overseas at a fraction of the cost those facilities are charged in the U.K. Our specialists all have access to modern, custom-built hospitals. Many have special 'Club Class' wards, sometimes even whole floors, devoted to the comfort of foreigners. 

So, if you want top-class medical treatment at sensible and affordable prices - you should contact us. 

We are proud to offer Allopathic or Ayurvedic treatment as well as the very best conventional medicine. 

We provide all facilities for air travel and accommodation, specially chosen to suit your requirements. We offer hotels and apartments where your partner can stay whilst you are in hospital and you can enjoy together once you are on the way back to good health.

Fill in the form at and you will receive a diagnostic opinion from one of the world's top medical professionals within 24 hours. All it costs you is £30 and even that will be refunded if you aren't happy with the advice our specialist gives you. You will be given the opinion from medical specialists at one of the world’s best international healthcare facilities. 

With your diagnosis, you will be advised what treatment to follow, how long the treatment will take, what it will cost and the risks involved.

If you decide to go ahead with our recommended treatment, we set up a video conference between you and the consultant.  We also arrange the medical visa (if one is required), your flights, local transport and accommodation and put you in touch with your personal assistant who will be exclusively on call to you until you return to the United Kingdom.

Everything that you need to help you get better fast - all under one roof. Contact or whatsapp 0091-9880130842

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