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National Immunization day for Polio
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India has completed more than 7 years of polio free status, last case of poliovirus was reported in 2011. Still India remains at risk of poliovirus importation from out side the country, till the whole world is free from Polio.

To maintain polio-free status in India, as per recommendations of IEAG[ India Expert Advisory Group], national immunizations days will be conducted covering all children in age group of 0-5.

In this regard, it has been decided to conduct National Immunization day on Sunday, March 10th, 2019 with belovent polio oral vaccine [bopv].

If you have children or know children who are within 0-5 years of age, get the vaccination done. Please contact local hospitals for vaccine. There are vaccination camps arranged by few clubs and organizations.

About Polio:

Once a person gets infected with the virus, he or she will not show symptoms of the disease immediately. The disease will surface in the body only when the immunes system becomes weak.  One out of 100 will get the disease during age 5 to teenage years while one out of 1000 will get infected for below 5 years of age, he further informed adding the virus can be spread from human excrement.

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