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Medical Second Opinion
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What is medical second opinion?

Physician diagnoses patient with serious illness and recommends surgery such as cancer or knee replacement or bypass.
Patient believes he/she has a condition that the physician diagnosed incorrectly or failed to diagnose
The physician himself/herself recommends a second opinion or patient can consult another doctor for opinion.

Why its important to get second opinion?
Getting a second opinion is an important part of becoming educated about a cancer diagnosis( or any other disease) and treatment options. This will also give patients opportunity to find a physician who is more comfortable, more clear in explaining and may find error and suggest alternate treatment.

Will your doctoir get offended if you seek second or third opinion?
Asking for a second opinion is a part of the medical practice. A doctor should not find any offense in a patient seeking extra information, or a different specialist's take on their health issue. An experienced doctor is extremely unlikely to be offended because a patient wishes to have a second opinion.

Will insurance covers second opinion?
Most insurance plans cover second opinions for surgery or other major medical procedures. If you are seeking a second opinion regarding a prescription drug, most providers will not cover that expense. It is important to check with your provider before seeking a second opinion.

How to get medical second opinion?

At Medisense Healthcare, we offer second opinion from well experienced doctors from India. For a very low cost less than US$ 79.99 Medisense also arranges patient travel under medical Visa to India for treatment at one of the India's best, well equipped, latest technology super specialty hospitals. If you just want opinion, you can get for under $79.99 [ In the month of April, you get Spring Discount of US$30, Pay only US $49.99]

How to get opinion from Medisense

1. Fill online medical second opinion form

2. Email your reports to

3. Avail spring discount of $30 on the opinion cost. Pay us only US$49.99 until April 30th

4. Get the best valuable opinion from our doctors. You will get doctor profile with photo.

5. We even offer Ayurveda treatment, Panchakarma, Knee replacement, Yoga/ meditation therapy, Rehab after cancer surgery, deporession etc.

Please email for more information.

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