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With a wrong diagnosis, you could end up getting harmful treatments, or miss out on the treatments you do need. Even if you get the right diagnosis later on, late treatment can mean you have more complications and need to spend more money for the care you need. So, sadly, the best medical care goes to people with good insurance or with good second opinion.

Medical experts point out that insurance plans often save money by limiting their networks, so the expert you need may not be covered. Paying out of pocket is only an option for people with plenty of extra cash.

It’s difficult to determine the value of second and third opinions. If the consultation corrects a misdiagnosis or rec¬ommends an evidence-based strategy for treatment, then it improves patient care. If the second opinion results in a less costly treatment or averts inappropriate surgery or medicine, then it is cost-effective. While second opinions might help an individual patient, we don’t yet know if they lead to better health outcomes.

At Medisense, panel of experienced, well reputed doctors will go through the patient reports and give the opinion for US$100. Medisense even arranges for treatment in India for the patients who wants to get surgery/ transplant/ cosmetic surgeries/ Panchakarma/ Knee replacement/ BMT or after surgery rehabs, after depression rehabs in India.

Doctors and people in India are friendly. They speak English and have world class, cutting edge technology equipped super specialty hospitals. Few insurances don’t cover second opinion, cosmetic surgeries, dental implants – these can be done in India for much lower cost in best hospitals.

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