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Longest 100 mts of the road!
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Raksha Pai Nayak


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Everyone writes about road safety almost every other day. So, why should I write too? I must because it frustrates me everytime I come across people who drive on the wrong side of the road. Especially them! I have my own permissible road safety violations which I can forgive - like seat belt violation, speeding a little over the limit and things. Not that I do it but in my rule book it's forgivable in my opinion but like I said the ones that come on the wrong side of the road annoy me to madness. Why? I think everytime, why do they do that?  

Is it time they want to save by avoiding that extra 100 mts for the u-turn? 

Is it fuel that they want to save by driving lesser distance? 

Is it that they are genuinely unaware of the driving directions? 

None of these come with any logical reasoning for me because they are spending more time by struggling to go in the opposite direction of normal traffic flow trying to look extra cautious. What irony!!  They are also burning more fuel by waiting for traffic to reduce so they can make a dash for it. And if they are genuinely not aware of traffic rules, they mustn't drive. Really! 

What these ignorant ( or pretentinding to be ignorant) people don't understand is they are a threat to the regular traffic. To all the pedestrians around and the people who follow traffic rules and signs.  So please people, when you find someone driving the wrong side, stop them and embarrass them for saving money for the extra 100 mts. Especially the ones in big SUVs.