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Jayalalithaa : Stop inflicting #VIP Syndrome, Act responsibly. Read on Why and how ?
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Everyone loves Amma Jayalalitha for her contributions to Tamilnadu and the people. Although it is understandable for the followers to be reigning at the hospital premise, all should remember it puts the doctors and hospital authorities at extreme pressure leading to #VIP Syndrome.

One can only pray at this moment for her quick recovery and let the experts do their job. Apollo has the best of the experts, facility and we are sure they will not leave any stones unturned. However it becomes the duty of fellow citizens including followers to cooperate with the hospital authorities and contain the situation by restoring peace eliminating chaos.  

This extreme pressure may put medicos to face VIP Syndrome which refers to the adverse influence that very famous or very wealthy patients can have on the sound medical judgment of otherwise excellent physicians. Dr. Walter Weintraub of the University of Maryland School of Medicine coined the term back in 1964.

So the best way one can help in this situation is, by leaving the hospital premises in orderly fashion, by doing so, showing your confidence in the hospital and the experts that the hospital has deployed and make the medicos free of VIPsyndrome.  Thats good for Amma as well as supporters.

Image source : PTI