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Indore becomes the first city to offer non surgical weight loss
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Indore becomes the first city in the country to offer non surgical method of weight loss. City based Mohak Bariatrics and Robotics one of the country's leading weight loss surgery centre has come up with the modality, Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, a novel procedure which was performed for the first time in India at this hospital.

The procedure was performed by Dr. Mohit Bhandari and Dr. Manoel Galvao Neto from Brazil. The patient who was operated upon was 87 kg weight with BMI 32.7

Patient was a type 2 diabetic since last 5 years.

According to bariatric surgeon Dr. Mohit Bhandari, this is a non invasive method for treatment of obesity.

According to him, in this procedure capacity of the stomach is reduced by plication taking sutures all around stomach to reduce its size.

Dr. Bhandari says patients can lose 15-25 kg depending on multiple factors through this procedure.

He adds bariatric surgery is a more radical approach towards weight loss which incorporates both restrictive and Malabsorptive component.

We all need a bridge therapy between medical and surgical therapy and endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is that option.

The cost of the procedure will be around 2.5 lakh rupees.

Dr. Bhandari is one of the pioneers in bariatric surgery and has singularly performed more than 8000 bariatric and Robotic procedures which is one of the highest volume in Asia.


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