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India's first uterine transplant, Baroda woman to get her mother's womb.
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The wonders of science never cease to amaze us. And while the rest of the first world countries are pretty used to ground-breaking medical inventions and procedures, India is slowly catching up.What seemed impossible almost a decade ago has now become the norm. 

And pretty seen soon, the nation is going to have its first uterine transplant. Wondering what that is? Well, 'it's is the surgical procedure whereby a healthy uterus is transplanted into an organism of which the uterus is absent or diseased.'

According to a report published in the Indian Express, a 26-year-old Baroda-based woman will undergo the surgery in Pune on May 18. Prior to this, she had suffered four abortions, lost two two babies after carrying them full-term, and has a defected uterus.

"Atlu sehen karyu che, have sano dar (I have gone through a lot and am no longer worried),"she said in an interview to the leading daily. "Mara chokri ne balak thay bas etla mate operation che (I am doing this so that my daughter can have her own child)," added her 44-year-old mother.

Interestingly, Pune's Galaxy Care Laprascopy Institute (GCLI) will witness two other similar surgeries on May 19 and one in June. "The three surgeries will be conducted for free by a 12-member team of gynaecologists, endocrinologists and IVF specialists. In all the cases, the women will be receiving wombs from their respective mothers," reported Zee News.

Though, it's India's first uterine transplant, the first surgery in the world took place in Sweden in 2012. So, in order to prep up for the surgery a team of Indian doctors visited Sweden. "Before going ahead in our hospital, we followed a rigorous process while choosing the donor and the recipient of womb," said Dr Shailesh Puntambekar, medical director, GCLI, in an interview to Hindustan Times.

There's no doubt this new medical procedure is a blessing for women, who can't conceive due to a scarred or non-existent womb.



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