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Important Public Notice
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Medisense Team


Recently in whatsapp & FB there was a message making rounds with the subject "Beware of Corporate Hospitals & Corporate Doctors" and derogatory remarks about prestigious corporate hospitals. It has also come to our notice about a specific derogatory message about Specific Hospitals. This is not authenticated and does not depict a real life situation faced by patients and should not be taken for any value. Medisense has not played any role in the broadcast of this message and is an independent entity . We have already filed an FIR on this.

Here is the official stand of the company on this defaming message on corporates, with verified facts.

Being socially responsible, we built by patients and for the patients and we understand it is our duty to make public aware of our stand. Here it is.

1. deals with second opinion, treatment options for patients. Its is not an NGO, it is a private limited company based in Karnataka with 2000 volunteering experts from across India and abroad. In fact majority of the volunteers are corporate medical experts.

2. Until September 2016 the services provided were free, as a concept introduction to the patients. Now is charging for complicated cases where as simple cases are still given opinion for free.

3. Message floated with the subject “Beware of corporate Hospitals” was not created nor floated by the company. This message was initially brought to company’s notice in March 2016. Medisense lodged a complaint with KAR police wide FIR#0096/2016 (29/03/2016) for defaming the company by unknown miscreants. Information on the FIR was published in local news papers during 30 -31st March.

4. Last two paragraphs in the derogatory message was from Medisense. Which is

"If you or  your family have been advised a surgery or a medical procedure & if you are confused about the medical options for you, then call at 70266 46022 or send your medical reports at or visit They will get u a 2nd opinion from an expert doctors panel.

This service for patients is available in 45 cities across 20 states in India. Please pass on to all you are loved ones."

With this public notice we need the public 

1. Not to trust these messages as they are spams written by unknown miscreants. 

2. Do not forward such messages to others without checking with (70266 46022) or the concerned hospitals.

Hence requests you, a responsible citizen, to share this notice with all the concerned.