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Healthy diet plan for diabetic patients
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A diabetic patient can have all fruits. Rest depends on parameters like blood sugar levels (fasting and PP), HBA1C, Weight, physical activity any co morbidity etc


EARLY MORNING:    Fresh coconut water / lemon water


BREAKFAST        :    Egg / Porridge / sprouts / stuffed chapatti + curd

                               Besan Cheela / Jowar / Bajra / Boiled chana

                               a glass of milk


MID MORNING  :    Fruit (No Salt)


LUNCH  :    salad (No salt)

                           2 multi grain chapatti


                           Seasonal vegetable


EVENING  :    Tea / coffee / green tea

                        5 - 7 almonds / roasted chana


PRE DINNER  :     Fruit (No Salt)


DINNER  :     salad (No salt)

                                2 multi grain chapatti

                                Seasonal vegetable



Bed time  :     Milk  + Haldi



Food to Have

- Single toned milk & its products - 500 ml / day

- Multigrain atta -  (7Kg Wheat Atta + 2kg Black Chana atta + 1 Kg wheat Bran)

- Prefer mustard oil as a medium for cooking around 3 - 4tsp / day

- Have 2 - 3 servings of fruits at least in a day

- Restrict salt intake to about 3 grams / day



Food To Avoid

- Deep Fried Foods

- Junk Foods

- Full Cream Milk, Cream, Butter, Ghee

- Processed cheese, Khoa

- Sugar, Sugar Free, jam, Honey, Gur

- Sweets, Mithai, Puddings, Cakes, Pastries, chocolates, ice cream etc

- Cold Drinks, Rasna, roohafza, tang, Sherbet etc

- Bournvita, Horlicks, Boost etc

- Cornflakes, Tomato Ketchup -

- Maida and its products including bread

- Biscuits, Chips, Kurkure, Namkeen, Bhujia, Rusk etc

- Packaged Food products e.g. packaged Juices, packet soups, Ketchup etc

- Different Sauces like soya sauce, chilli sauce etc

- Achar, Chutney, papad and other accompaniments

- Vegetables like aloo, arbi, yam, zimikand etc

- Starchy foods like sago, Makhana etc

- Alcohol