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Health checkups for doctors
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Tackling stress daily is the key to prevent deaths of doctor ..

MANGALURU: Dr Rajesh Bhat, 49, an obstetrician and gynaecologist from Bhat’s Nursing Home, collapsed after a suspected cardiac arrest on the badminton court during one of the Mangaluru Premier League matches on Saturday. This incident is a wake up call for doctors who tend to ignore their own health. The healthcare profession in India, is one of the most stressful careers. Many senior doctors from the city felt that yearly health check-ups for doctors must be made mandatory.

Two years ago, survey conducted by IMA [Indian Medical Association] in Kerala, may doctors die due to cardio vascular diseases and cancer. Our doctors go out of the way to save patients. There is no fixed time and day for their work. Its very difficult to have work-life balance.

Dr Rajesh Bhat, 49, an obstetrician and gynaecologist from Bhat's Nursing Home in Mangalore, collapsed after suspected cardiac arrest while playing badminton. This is the wakeup call for all doctors to get the regular health checkup in between their busy schedule. Please read more on Times of India, Mangalore edition.

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