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Happy World Anaesthesia Day 2020: Greetings From Our Co founder!!
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On World Anaesthesia Day 2020, Medisense team would like to thank all the anaesthesiologists who work behind the screen 24*7. Unlike a regular doctor they don't have a front end consultation department and sometimes are forgotten to be thanked or even acknowledged for the effort they have put.

This picture above, sees Dr. Archana Bhakta, a senior anaesthesiologist and her colleagues consisting of other doctors, nurses and support staff right after they successfully pulled out the 50th baby during Covid times. The team stays long after the c-section is stitched up and they make sure the patient is comfortable even after post-op.

We are forever grateful to all the anaesthesiologists who have helped patients in and out of many procedures. We send them our best wishes ❤️.


About the Auther: Raksha Pai is an author, blogger, thinker, co-founder of Medisense Healthcare.


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