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Google rolls out health 'Symptom Search' feature in India
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Are you among those people who consult Google for any health issue before visiting an actual doctor?

Well, Google, it seems heard you and on Tuesday, rolled out its feature called "Symptom Search" in India that lets users find quality health information on their smartphones.

The tech giant, in collaboration with a team of doctors from Apollo Hospitals, will add tailor-made information about commonly-searched symptoms in its Search.

When a user searches for symptoms like "cough and pain", the app will show a list of related conditions ("common cold, acute bronchitis, flu, pneumonia, chest infection").

For individual symptoms like "headache," the app – currently available in English and Hindi – will show digital cards, providing users an overview description along with information on self-treatment options and what might warrant a doctor's visit.

"This is a significant trend and we are happy to have partnered on this initiative with Google. At Apollo Hospitals, we have always made optimal use of digital technology for the benefit of patients," Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited, said in a statement.

"With the launch of the 'Symptom Search Project', we aim to provide quality healthcare information which can be accessed by a billion Indians," Reddy added.

It is to be noted, however, that the search results are strictly for informational purposes and Google has cautioned users to always consult a doctor for medical advice and treatment.

Roughly one percent of searches on the search are symptom-related and with this, Google aims to help users navigate and explore health conditions related to various symptoms and quickly get to the point where they can talk to a health professional or do more in-depth research on the web.


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