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Good News: National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority reduces price of stents
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The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) Monday further slashed prices of the expensive cardiac stents while marginally increasing the cost of the basic stents.

After several rounds of consultation with various stakeholders, the NPPA cut the price of drug-eluting stent (DES) by Rs 1,710 (from Rs 29,600 to Rs 27,890) while increasing the price of bare metal stent (BMS) by Rs 400 (from Rs 7,260 to Rs 7,660).

The trade margin has been capped at 8%, the NPPA said in an order, which makes the current rates valid till March 31.

“All manufacturers of coronary stents, selling branded or non-branded… at prices higher than the ceiling price… shall revise the price of all such stents downward not exceeding the ceiling price,” the order said.

The order mandates hospitals to provide a clear break-up of the prices levied for other items used in medical procedures.

While there was fear of NPPA giving into industry pressure and increasing the price, experts feel the price could have been decreased further. “It is not really slashing of the price. There was scope for further reduction,” says GS Grewal, core committee member, Alliance of Doctors on Ethical Healthcare.


Photo: Dmitry Stolyarov, a heart surgeon, holds a stent.(REUTERS File Photo)

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