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For athletes with a career threatening injuries, there's a hope at Parkway hospital in Singapore
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Advances in minimally invasive surgery is making it safer to treat sports related injuries explains orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Tan Jee Lim.
A torn ankle ligament is a common sports injury, but it can easily sever the career of any promising athlete. One top vietnamese down as his career nearly stumbled to an abrupt end after sustaining two torn ligaments to his ankle during training.
Immediately after his acccident, the 31-year-old professional footballer sought urgent treatment in Ho CHi Minh City. Unfortunately, doctors were unable to provide a clear diagnosis on his condition.
At this point, he recalled hearing of Dr. Tan Jee Lim, an orthopaedic surgeon in singapore, who is well-known in the vietnamese football community.
"Every team in Vietnam knows of Dr. Tan", says the management representative of the patient's team. "For normal surgeries, you may only have one or two more years left in your football career,"he says. "With Dr. Tan you can still play even after five years."
The football player travelled to singapore to seek help from Dr. Tan at Parkway hospital. Dr. Tan diagnosed two torn ligaments in the patient's ankle. Ligaments connect adjacent bones ina joint & provide joint stability."This is one of the most common injuries for footballers-and also one of the most crippling,"shares Dr. Tan.
Dr. Tan proceeded to perform reconstructive ankle surgery on the patient. In this minimally invasive procedure, small incisions are made in the ankle. A thin fibre-optic camera, known as arthroscope, is inserted into these openings to view, repair and strengthen the ankle. Such a minimally invasive procedure can reduce the pain experienced by the patient & shorten the recovery times.
The operation went smoothly & the patient was discharged just one day later. Dr. Tan advised him to follow up with physiotherapy once back in vietnam to ensure his ankle maintains its optimal mobility.
The patient is slated for two more consultations back in singapore. Dr. Tan is confident that he will fully recover from the injury within three months.

Standing up & smiling once more

The football player can finally breathe a sigh of relief & the management representative is happy for his friend and teammate. "Before the consultation [with Dr. Tan], my teammate was very worried and in a lot of pain," the management representative says. "Now, he doesn't worry anymore I am sure he will fully recover & get back to playing soon."
It was fortunate that the football player had sought treatment in time, as Dr. Tan explains that further delays would have damaged the cartilage in his foot & might have damaged the cartilage in his foot & might have proved ruinous to his sporting career.
As an orthopaedic sports surgeon, Dr. Tan has examined & treated a broad range of sports related injuries. "What sets us apart is our experience, our know-how,"he says.

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