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Should you eat eggs in summer ?
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We all have been advised not to eat eggs during summer. It is believed that eggs are hot in nature and can do more harm than good when consumed in summer.
Eggs are a rich source of protein, fiber, vitamin A and multiple other nutrients. So are eggs really not good for your health if consumed in summer? Let’s find out the truth.

 What do the experts say?

Doctors and experts say it's a misconception. Though yes eggs are hot in nature but it’s a complete food. Eggs are rich in different nutrients including iron, calcium, phosphorous and multiple vitamins. People believe that eating eggs during summer can cause ingestion, which is also not true. In fact, eggs can help you cope with summer heat. The nutrient dense eggs help in maintaining the fluid balance in the body, which is essential during summer. Eggs also keep you energy level high and help prevent fatigue and weakness, which is very common in summer.


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