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Did you know about social media depression & suicidal tendencies ? Dear Parents, share with teenagers.
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Social networking has become such an important part of our lives with an average human spending around 3 Hrs a day. We being a healthcare service provider had to post this article as there were too many cases of depression to even suicidal tendencies because of social media. Irresponsible use of social media has affected all age groups. 

By writing below article we aren’t saying one should not be in social network, however below caution is essential for teenagers, parents to share with their children. 

Now the serious part. There was this teenager who received an unknown friend request from an opposite sex. This started with FB friend request, FB chat, progressed to Whatsapp and then to mobile calls. This is the new norm for progression in relationships in netizen’s world today. Viz. FB - whatsapp - call, in that order. Though the girl in this case had no background or clue about this guy, she still accepted the invite, rationale being there were few “Common” friends. 

FB preying works like this. The attacker decides on a target first. Motivation could be money, revenge on parents or family, sexual, simply fun, a bad marriage or a relationship, last but not the least simple sadistic pleasure. 

Here are the steps that is followed. 

  1. Offender selects the target, the victim and initially sends friend requests to all the family and friends except the target. 
  2. Once there are sizeable common friends, sends a friend request to the target.
  3. Many offenders use a fake profile or in many instances they impersonate. How do they impersonate, will be written in another post.
  4. They put posts in their profile which shows them grand and also try make themselves relevant to their target. For instance, check-in to star hotels, their travel schedule, movie reviews etc. They be the fun, happy-go-lucky type of personality with no harm intended.
  5. Once the friend request is accepted, that’s a big milestone achieved for the offender. Depending on the motivation subsequent steps followed very meticulously. They develop an online relationship with regular status updates. 
  6. After about 1-2 chat sessions phone number would be asked. Relationship gets to whatsapp stage and then to phone call. There have been several instances when people were cheated of money. There was this FB friend of 3 months who claimed to visit India and played out to have sent a parcel before his visit which was caught by customs. Request followed for the need of Rs.2.5 Lakhs to release the same. There are educated victims who have fallen prey to such con jobs unknowingly as the offender makes them believe of his/her existence.
  7. For teenagers, the offender is usually far too older, takes advantage of teenager’s urge to do something different, innocence and ignorance in many cases.
  8. Offenders targeting bad relationships or divorced spouses, usually stalk by impersonating the divorced better half. Their area of interest would be to know who is the new person in their Ex’s life and they would do everything to harm the image of the estranged partner.                                            

Hence it becomes extremely important as to who you accept as friends on social media.

1.                1.  Do not accept FaceBook invites or emails from unknown people, even though there are common              friends. Exception could be you would like to be connected with them for a known reason.

  1. Before accepting an invite, if there are common friends, ask them whether they know them personally ? 
  2. Or make a rule to accept invites from people who are in your phone contacts. This way you are atleast sure about who you have in your list.
  3. Even if you accept the invite, it is always a good idea to pick up the phone and talk first. If you can chat, you can as well talk, and sooner the better. 
  4. Use settings on the social media platforms to protect your privacy to show updates, pictures only to your known friends. 

We wish social media to be an enjoyable experience for everyone. This is a word of caution. We definitely don’t recommend anyone to delete your profile, however use social media responsibly and cautiously. 

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