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Dr. Arjun Nayak


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An intense fear of visiting the dentist...


Scared of visiting your dentist?? Trust me most people who come to us are...

Majority of people don’t look forward to taking a seat at the dentist’s office, some to such an extent that it paralyses them from actually getting the treatment that they need which eventually ends up aggrevating the already existing problem...


So why the fear..??

Could be a variety of reasons


Fear of pain: People over the ages have often associated the dental office with trauma and torture. No one wants to experience physical pain. The worry that a trip to the dentist, with all the unusual and sharp tools, might result in pain might end up causing fear.


Bad experience: Most patients develop a fear of the dentist because of a bad experience they had in the past. The patient might have had a previous treatment that had complications or was painful, so

they begin to worry that all visits will end up being that way, and they decide never to go to the dentist again .


Embarrassment : Some just might feel embarrassed


because they their teeth or gums aren’t in best of shape and avoid going to the dentist because they’re worried they have bad teeth and cavities, yet not getting the treatment they require worsening the already existing situation..


Lack of anxiety control:

For some it’s just that their anxiety gets the better of them thinking of the dentist


Whatever the reason may be ..

There are several ways to deal with a fear of the dentist so you can get the dental care you need.


Stay tuned to know more!!!

Thank you,

Dr Arjun Nayak