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Demonetization and Impact on patients
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Demonetization is that unprecedented move from Indian PM, that left everyone speechless. Nation felt they are all on a common ground again, where meritocracy prevails and it is that press of a reset button where competition restarts with everyone being equal now.

Although in the short term, there are few teething issues, in the long term this move is expected to be a blessing for Indian economy leading to growth of this great nation. 

In the short term this move may affect the people who's loved ones are hospitalized in private hospitals where one needs to make the payment in cash. 

In India only 17% of the people are covered with some kind of insurance, be it government or private. 

Insured patients with cashless facility, although a small percentage, has a breather.

Elective hospitalization as in the case of dental implants, knee / hip replacement surgeries may get deferred by the patients owing to this move, where as emergencies, obviously cannot wait. Hospitals also have given the option of bank transfers in some cases. 

Online healthcare portals can be a good option for patients to make the payments using their debit/credit cards for appointments and other healthcare needs. 

Companies like which is into online appointments & opinion services, has seen a sudden surge in online payments for availing appointments. Number of patients seeking online opinions have increased as the patients want to know whether something is elective or emergency, sitting at their home. 

Because of this move, in the long term, healthcare costs are also expected to come down because of decrease in inflation. 

In all aspects, this is the right, bold move which was much awaited in India, although, until now no one knew who will bell the cat, until Modi Did.