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Deepavali Greetings and safety tips
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Medisense Healthcare wishes a very happy, prosperous and safe Deepavali. May the Gods above shower upon you and your families the glitter and sparkle of everlasting joy. 

This Diwali, do something you have always wanted to do with family. Try your hands at making sweets at home or make your husband do the sweets or paint the diyas with your children. Visit that aunt or uncle you have always wanted to visit but never found time. Buy those eco-friendly government approved fireworks and buy some more to share with the children who cannot afford to buy them. 

If you have a big shopping budget, buy some extra clothes for the maid’s children. If you think your maid is one of those uptown chicks, find someone needier. 

Whatever may be, do not let children below 5 years come anywhere close to the hot oil you are using to fry those delicious pakoras or malpuas. 

Recycle the packaging materials from all Diwali products and gifts. Set a good example to your neighbours. We have a Diwali party in our building and we are encouraging people to bring their own reusable plates and spoons. 

Try not gift wrapping any gifts with materials that can’t be recycled or reused. They get binned most of the times.

It never harms to know your nearest hospital with a well equipped burns team. We hope you never get to see the face of a burns doctor, however good looking he or she may be. 

Best wishes for a super fun filled Diwali.