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Cancer and controlling it
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What are cancer cells?

Your body is made up of 100 million milion cells. Cancer can start when just one of them begins to grow and multiply too much. The result is a growth called a tumour. Benign tumours are localised growths - they only cause problems if they put pressure on nearby tissues, such as the brain.
A number of forces can cause gene mutations, such as smoking, radiation, viruses, cancer-causing chemicals (carcinogens), obesity, hormones, chronic inflammation and a lack of exercise.

Most cancers don't hurt at first. Cancers are often found by the detection of a painless lump, or some other symptom such as coughing or bleeding. ... Most advanced cancers have the potential to cause pain. The good news is that our ability to control that pain is dramatically better than it was in the past.

There is nobody who can claim cure for cancer as such. But few people have successfully completed chemotherapy and lived life, even though the numbers are in single digits.
Instruction to cancer patients:
1. Stop Milk, Soy and Wheat
2. Stop sweets, cookies, candies, soda, canned and processed food
3. Stop Smoking
4. No microwave cooking , Cook on low flame, open vessel
5. Don’t warm coffee or anything in microwave
6. Use brown or unpolished rice
7. Use only organic vegetables
8. Use good quality liquid ghee or virgin coconut oil or virgin olive oil for cooking
9. Use ginger, garlic, turmeric, mint, Rosemary abundantly in cooking
10. Drink more warm water, cells need water
11. Green tea instead of coffee/ tea
12. Eat grapes with seeds, papaya, ripened banana every day
13. Take barefoot walk on beach or soil 15 minutes a day
14. No Active electronic gadgets in bed room including phones, Wifi during night.
15. If you can, don’t use plastic bottles for storing water, plastic spoons, plastic containers to store food
16. Oxygen kills cancer – have deep breathing exercises and medidate if you can every day.
17. Eat Til (sesame) Laddu or til once a week.
How turmeric helps cure cancer?
1. Curcumin [Turmeric] protects lungs
2. Kills cancer stem cells (root cause of cancer) – Research report
3. Shrinks tumour with 80% success rate – Research report
4. Cuts breast cancer rate in half
5. Shrinks pancreatic tumour by 42%
6. Activates cancer killing mechanism in human saliva – Research report
7. Eat Neem leaves – photo chemical obtained by name Nimbolide has used in cancer treatment
These are everyday consumable food and we all can use these more in our daily diet to be healthy!

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