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A health tourist with a £300k unpaid bill is not the biggest problem with the NHS
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 “DO you know the real problem with the NHS?” an investment banker friend asked me recently. I foolishly thought it was a genuine question and began to sound off about the shortage of beds and nurses and 87-year-old Audrey Benbow receiving stitches in Aintree Hospital store room. He rolled his eyes, patronisingly. “No. The problem is limitless demand for limited resources. We just can’t afford to keep doling out money for every new pioneering breakthrough. Unless of course it’s for me or my family, in which case it would be absolutely scandalous if treatment were to be withheld on financial grounds.”

I thought of this cynical verity as I watched the latest gripping, heartrending, heartbreaking episode of Hospital. This week it focused on those overseas patients who are not entitled to free healthcare; predominantly visitors, invariably from developing countries, who need emergency treatment....


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