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Opportunities for Entrepreneurs to be Channel Partners to represent Medisense in your region

If you are a well connected individual, entrepreneur, health worker, a doctor or a medical institution interested in helping patients receive best of the medical treatment available in India, we would like to invite you to be part of team Medisense. We server over 10000+ patients every year to travel to India for medical treatment from best of the NABH certified hospitals. Our approach is very personal and we ensure each of the patients are given best of care personally managed by our panel of doctors. Medisense ensures patients know of their medical options (Allopathic, Ayurvedic etc) and help them make an informed choice. We also help patients receive pre, during and post treatment care in India and abroad. As we have reached a significant milestone in this journey, to take the company to the next level, we are calling for you to be part of our team and benefit both financially, morally and ethically helping patients receive best of care from the right experts.

As a channel partner your responsibilities will be

  • 1. Local marketing - Informing the patients about our medical tourism services that include
  • a. Online medical opinion
    b. Treatment options in India
    c. Choice of hospitals & specialists
    d. Travel assistance, if needed
    e. Medical visa, airport pick up, drop, conveyance, stay in India
    f. Holiday planning during patient recuperation period.
    g. Online consultation and liaisoning with local doctors after the patient goes back to home country
  • 2. As a channel partner, you will be a partner of our team representing our company in your region.
  • 3. Patient requests should be submitted to us and rest of the process will be taken care by our experts keeping you in loop at every step.
  • 4. We have tie-ups with prestigious medical institutions in India, who we monitor and support in the best interest of the patients.
  • 5. Patients will not have to pay more neither pay for our services. Our business model allows us to share a fixed fee with you for every patient visit through our portal.

How ?

  • 1. Fill the form and submit
  • 2. Once verified and approved by our authorisation team, you will receive a personalised link to submit and track patient requests.
  • 3. You will be informed at every stage of patient treatment as well as visits if any.
  • 4. Upon treatment and discharge of the patient you will be paid for the services a fixed fee depending on the treatment.
  • 5. For any clarifications reach out to or call 0091-70266 46022
  • Type of treatment typically taken by oversees patients in India

    Plastic surgery, Hip replacement, Bone marrow transplant, Dental implants, Hysterectomy, Bypass surgery, valve replacement, Kidney Transplant, Eye Surgery, oncology surgeries, Bariatric surgery and IVF [In-vitro-Fertilization].

    Why chose India for medical treatment ?

    • 1. Cost Saving. Cost is significantly low. May be 50% - 75% low compared to USA, UK and other countries depending on treatment.
    • 2. Highly qualified doctors and surgeons.
    • 3. Multi Specialty Hospitals - Equipped with latest technology systems and provide international standard. There are super multi specialty hospitals available with best facilities in India.
    • 4. India offers excellent service - India is known as silicon hub hosting many IT companies. It also has many hospitals, 5-star hotels, best cuisines and well built airports connecting almost all countries. And everyone can speak and understand english. It will be easy for patients and their companions to communicate with locals, doctors and hotel staff.

    More on Medisense

    Medisense Healthcare Solutions private limited is a trusted healthcare facilitator from India helping patients receive best of healthcare facilities through 800 + NABH accredited hospitals in the country. We became famous with our free medical opinion service which lead us to treatment assistance services for domestic and international patients. We take pride in assisting more than 10,000 patients a year in getting the right treatment. We also take pride in letting you know we have avoided unnecessary surgeries for more than 25% of our patients. We handpick best medical experts and hospitals chosen by our disease specific team of experts. In addition to high end surgeries, we also help patients with rehab post surgery, alternate healing therapies, Yoga and meditation classes, Panchakarma services etc. We also provide local holiday assistance through our trusted partners. Medisense challenge is if anyone can provide you the treatment for a lesser cost than our partners for the same quality care, we would reimburse the difference to the patients.

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