Eyesight problems may signal cognitive changes in older adults

Medisense Team
Editorial Team
Jun 30

Worsening vision in older adults may highlight problems with future cognitive functioning, says a new study done by the University of Miami. The findings also suggest that maintaining good vision through prevention and treatment of vision disorders may be a strategy to lessen age-related cognitive changes. For the study, published in the journal JAMA Ophthalmology, researchers evaluated...

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This new drug can reduce post-childbirth bleeding and save lives, says WHO

Medisense Team
Editorial Team
Jun 29

Excessive bleeding following childbirth is one of the major causes of death in several countries. Approximately 70,000 women die every year because of post-partum haemorrhage, which also increases the risk of babies dying within a month. “Despite substantial reductions in maternal mortality, hemorrhage continues to be the largest direct cause of maternal death, accounting for 6,61...

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Pacemaker for heart, study suggests leadless variant better than transvenous one

Medisense Team
Editorial Team
Jun 28

Good news for heart patients. If you want to keep your heart healthy, you should opt for leadless pacemakers over the conventional transvenous variants. While you can you avoid heart attack and stroke risk by following a disciplined exercise and diet routine to keep ensure a healthy heart, you need to be careful with the pacemaker variant you choose after a heart attack. According to a new stud...

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Robotic surgery equally effective as traditional open surgery for bladder cancer

Medisense Team
Editorial Team
Jun 23

The outcome of robotic-assisted surgery and traditional open surgery are equally effective in treating bladder cancer, say scientists, led by an Indian-origin researcher. The results, published in the journal The Lancet, may help patients and doctors to make informed decisions on the use of robotic surgery, which is not cheap, the researchers said. There has been an assumption t...

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New 'Smart Stent' Can Detect Narrowing of Arteries

Medisense Team
Editorial Team
Jun 22

Researchers have developed a type of "smart stent" that monitors even subtle changes in the flow of blood through the artery, detecting the narrowing in its earliest stages and making early diagnosis and treatment possible. ‘Smart stent that uses medical-grade stainless steel and looks similar to most commercial stents can help detect narrowing of arteries.’ For ever...

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